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Wed Jun 11 14:00:11 UTC 1997

PSI used to feed our site with a Cisco 7xxx and changed to a GRF400. The
OpenROUTE Networks RBX250 router we use to talk to it had no problems with
either. Actual packet throughput appears to be improved since the router
was swapped, which I assume was the reason for the replacement. I haven't
noticed a substantial difference in the speed with which the advertisements
roll in. Either upstream box pumped out the BGP advertisements when the
line first comes up at about 60% of the T1. Neither box pushes harder than

There were some problems (non-BGP) when PSI first tried to activate the
GRF, but those appear to have been resolved.

At 07:58 AM 6/11/97 -0500, Peter Leppik wrote:
>I've been hearing conflicting stories about the Ascend GRF lately.
>Cisco claims that it doesn't really work as advertised in "realistic
>networks," but Ascend says this is because Cisco's routers melt down
>when the GRF feeds them routing table updates, so the GRF has to be
>throttled back to work in a mixed environment.
>Does anybody have any real experience here?  Any information, pointers,
>anecdotes, or wild rumors would help.
>   -Peter

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