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Ran Atkinson rja at
Tue Jun 10 22:53:16 UTC 1997

On Jun 10 12:21, Aleph One wrote:

% If anyone is really interested in writing a good reliable multicast
% new protocol I suggest you read this internet draft:
%       Title     : The Multicast Dissemination Protocol (MDP) Framework
%       Author(s) : J. Macker, W. Dang
%       Filename  : draft-macker-mdp-framework-02.txt
%       Pages     : 14
%       Date      : 06/06/1997

Joe Macker happens to have freely distributable source code.  Folks
interested in MDP and IMM (not INN) might want to goto this URL:

Folks seriously working on reliable multicast protocol design
should look into the IRTF Reliable Multicast Research Group...


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