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Dave Scrivens daves at
Tue Jun 10 14:36:39 UTC 1997

I was interested if anyone has actually seen or heard anything about this ?

There seems to be enough interest about such products...

& it seems to be pretty hot stuff if MCI chose it to do QOS & monitoring
of there ATM Links & other Network components.....

Any replys ?


Dave Scrivens
iSTAR Internet

email: dave.scrivens at
> I was wondering about this myself, has anyone seen the Linmor NMS system.
> This system has been chosen by MCI after extensive evaluation of existing
> Network Management Systems to manage there ATM Hyperstream Network.
> This Network Management Provides several other interesting functions such 
> as Object Oriented Class for an object.  It also has a Web Page which can
> list all objects & the traffic statistics for each link.  
> As well it can do the below.  From it a QOS of service report can be generated
> indicating the health of of your Network.  Reports on the Uptine of your BGP 
> routing process as well as OSPF & EIGRP can be generated.
> It also has the ability to Monitor Unix machines & " Mission " critical processes
> such as NAMED or mail & News processes.  You can actually get an indication 
> that the memory on the Unix box is low & that is the problem.
> & Unlike HP Openview, Autodiscovery works very nicely on a large Network.  
> Instead of crashing your Network, you get a pretty nice map infront of you.
> It is also a distributed system architecture where you can have multiple 
> Data Collectors spread out through your Network talking to each other, 
> exchaning information about the Health of the Network.  & you can function
> in Hot Standby mode where if one of your Data Collectors goes down, another 
> will take up the load.  
> I have seen a SPARC IPC manage over 1500 Network Router Objects including 
> including Cisco 7000's & Cisco 7513's.  So even though this is alot for a 
> little SPARC Server, it worked pretty good.  It is not highly recommeneded
> to run your Network like this but as a test ....
> You can also run reports on your Network & figure out where your facilities 
> such as the Memory on Core & Border Routers need to be upgraded or where
> you are running out of bandwidth & need to add more.
> As well, remote site customer management where the customer can be given an
> account to actually monitor his connection with his provider, from his 
> provider, works good. A check for the customer to ensure that he is getting
> good service from his provider.  
> & since you can get remote site access, you can actually get a Network Management
> Station from another site.         
> This is a Really neat product, atleast from what I have seen.  Has anyone else
> encountered it ?
> Anyway check it out ..... WWW.LINMOR.COM   
> They have some really neat stuff..
> thanks,
> Dave Scrivens,
> iSTAR Internet.
> > 
> > based on a recent email about bgp peer monitoring and others over the
> > last few months, we thought this would be a good time to release a tool
> > called rtrmon (router monitor) that we've been working on with vixie
> > enterprises.
> > 
> > please see:
> > 
> > vixie enterprises provided the development expertise and based the design
> > on the needs of genuity initially. it's fairly generic and extensible.
> > currently it:
> > 
> > - monitors bgp sessions and reports failures
> > - monitors cpu usage and reports failures
> > - monitors ospf neighbors
> > - downloads, diffs, and archives cisco configs
> > 
> > it's all cisco oriented as that's our primary platform.  we'll start a 
> > mailing list soon for discussion (next week) but in the short interrim
> > please send mail to myself or danny mcpherson (danny at for
> > questions or problems.  we'll have this hosted on our own web site(s)
> > sometime next week as well.  enjoy.
> > 
> > -brett
> > 

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