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Phil Howard phil at charon.milepost.com
Tue Jun 10 14:29:07 UTC 1997

Robert Laughlin writes...

> DataXchange is not filtering by prefix, we do occasionally filter out
> someone who is ping bombing or something, or a cyberpromo site. My routers
> seem to be able to handle the full table.  How many entries are removed by
> this prefix filtering anyway?  Does anyone have a handle on that? Looking
> at the weekly automated report of the possible gains by aggregating, it
> apprears to me that a concerted effort by a dozen or so of the top names
> could reduce the number of table rows by a considerable amount. 

I'd like to see information that lists the number of routes by sizes and
networks announced, detailing whether an announcement is covered by a
larger aggregate or not.  Is anyone compiling this kind of data?

Can filtering be done on the basis of networks covered by aggregate
announcements or would that be too complicated to code (I've never coded
a router and never seen IOS source).

BTW, I fully support filtering specific instances of abuse, leaving it up
to the host of the abuser to show what they actually change to reduce their
exposure to abusers before the filter would be dropped.

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