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Robert Laughlin robert at dx.net
Tue Jun 10 13:29:57 UTC 1997

DataXchange is not filtering by prefix, we do occasionally filter out
someone who is ping bombing or something, or a cyberpromo site. My routers
seem to be able to handle the full table.  How many entries are removed by
this prefix filtering anyway?  Does anyone have a handle on that? Looking
at the weekly automated report of the possible gains by aggregating, it
apprears to me that a concerted effort by a dozen or so of the top names
could reduce the number of table rows by a considerable amount. 

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On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Phil Howard wrote:

> Larry Vaden writes...
> > Does Congress need to pass "must carry" legislation similar to the "any
> > willing provider" medical legislation?  IMHO, it would be better that some
> > old dogmas and implementations die and be replaced with efficient, robust
> > code and a rather less limiting view of the future.
> Consider the following problem.
> Suppose that IP space were not a problem.  When IPv6 comes up all around,
> it certainly won't be then.  You can have and waste all the IP space you
> could imagine, since we'll be numbering every atom in the known universe.
> And suppose we have ASNs a plenty.
> Would Sprint, Digex, and AGIS still be trying to cut out so many routes?
> Are any other ISPs doing this filtering?
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