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Paul Ferguson pferguso at cisco.com
Tue Jun 10 11:52:31 UTC 1997

At 12:27 AM 06/10/97 -0500, Phil Howard wrote:

>Suppose that IP space were not a problem.  When IPv6 comes up all around,
>it certainly won't be then.  You can have and waste all the IP space you
>could imagine, since we'll be numbering every atom in the known universe.

I continue to hear this used as a 'compelling reason' to
urge IPv6 migration, when in reality it appears to be nothing
more than people trying to do an 'end around' the address
allocation policies by thinking that once v6 is deployed,
the allocation policies will dissappear.

Simply because one increases the available amount of address
space does not in any way imply that allocation policies will change
significantly. If they did, and the number of routes increased
significantly, we would have much larger problems in the global
routing system than we would with people whining about not being
able to obtain large enough address allocations.

- paul

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