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Phil Howard phil at charon.milepost.com
Tue Jun 10 05:27:24 UTC 1997

Larry Vaden writes...

> Does Congress need to pass "must carry" legislation similar to the "any
> willing provider" medical legislation?  IMHO, it would be better that some
> old dogmas and implementations die and be replaced with efficient, robust
> code and a rather less limiting view of the future.

Consider the following problem.

Suppose that IP space were not a problem.  When IPv6 comes up all around,
it certainly won't be then.  You can have and waste all the IP space you
could imagine, since we'll be numbering every atom in the known universe.

And suppose we have ASNs a plenty.

Would Sprint, Digex, and AGIS still be trying to cut out so many routes?

Are any other ISPs doing this filtering?

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