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Larry Vaden vaden at texoma.net
Mon Jun 9 18:55:03 UTC 1997

At 11:39 AM 6/9/97 PDT, Yakov Rekhter wrote:
>> Are you saying that a /19 wouldn't put less load on the _system_ than the
>> current situation + another block?
>> Our /23 and /21 are from UUNET, our primary provider.  ACSI is secondary
>> provider.
>> Teach me (read: offer your constructive criticism).  I'm willing to learn.
>Load on the routing system could be reduced if you would take a block
>of addresses from UUNET, and a block of addresses from ACSI, number
>some of your customers out of the UUNET block, some of your customers
>out of the ACSI block, and then use something along the lines of "auto
>injection" (see draft-bates-multihoming-00.txt) to handle fallback


Thanks for the constructive input.  I'll try to locate the full URL and
we're interested in evaluating and following your suggestion.

Will this meet the InterNIC guidelines of "no favored connection"?


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