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Larry Vaden vaden at texoma.net
Mon Jun 9 16:40:21 UTC 1997

At 08:44 AM 6/9/97 -0700, bmanning at ISI.EDU wrote:
>> Will IP multicast help with the usenet stuff? 
>	Tangental question.
>> Do we want to continue seeing cams at universities display the local tower
>> while the institution doesn't meet RFC2050 guidelines with respect to
>> utilization of their Class B while the rural areas can't get /19s to
>> support diversity and redundancy?
>	If you got your address space pre-RFC2050, do its guidelines
>	apply to you? I expect that once they come back for more space
>	that RFC2050 will apply.

What is the current utilization rate of USC's block?  Will they ever have
to go back or meet current guidelines?  

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