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Larry Vaden vaden at texoma.net
Mon Jun 9 16:11:30 UTC 1997

At 08:44 AM 6/9/97 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:
>This is the network *operator* list, not a science fiction club.
>Larry, your agenda is obvious and you are in a long line of folk playing
>this sad game.  We all wish otherwise, but the fact of the matter is that
>it does not work.  Sorry.
>Can we get back to work now?

For the record, my agenda is working to provide equal access to the
Internet on a level playing field for rural north Texas, including the
public, K12, libraries as well as hospitals.  This is not science fiction,
although it might make a good nightmare for some if pushed to scale.

The "how to do without a /19" question remains unanswered.  Once again, I
ask you to point to extant URLs which you refer to that offer a solution
offering diversity and redundancy other than a fully routable and portable

I thank you in advance for doing so and appreciate your time and that of

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