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Mark E Larson mlarson at
Mon Jun 9 13:34:19 UTC 1997

Hmmmm.  Let's see.  Shutoff peering with AGIS.  Tell all their customers to
leave.  Hoping for some business  :)

At 11:30 PM 6/2/97 -0700, you wrote:
>AGIS has some 175 or so reseller customers, some of whom are largeish.
>A number of those are dual-homed or peer with "nearly everyone" at
>one or more exchange points, though.  In the last few weeks, I've seen
>over 10 midsized ISPs announce they were leaving AGIS, many more are talking
>about doing so.  Both because of ongoing spam support and their low
>quality of service (some inherent, some apparently people attacking
>Cyberpromo and/or AGIS after being spammed, unfortunately) I now
>recommend to all the ISPs I do or have consulted with that are
>AGIS customers that they leave.
>I've never actually seen a large network kill itself before.
>It looks like they've got circa 6 months to live at this rate.
>This is an interesting process...
>-george william herbert
>gherbert at
>Disclaimer: I speak for nobody, not even my cats.

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