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Larry Vaden vaden at texoma.net
Mon Jun 9 08:13:29 UTC 1997

At 09:47 PM 6/8/97 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:
>Folk are trying to keep core routers
>from falling over.

Probably like you, I've been in the Information Technology field for about
30 years this fall, but I've never seen fear nor protectionism used as a
basis for policy in Information Technology before and it is certainly
disconcerting to see it used this early in the life cycle of the Internet.
Good press for creating a "scarcity" scenario, but bad practice IMHO.

To repeat an earlier unanswered question, what and whose legacy hardware
and software is causing the problem?

>And, to answer one of the next questions expected by students of history,
>no, they are not obliged to buy more or other (unreliable) hardware for
>their backbones so that you (or whomever) can be in business.

I certainly agree with part of your statement, but don't feel the
incumbents should be able to prevent new firms from competing through
unfair practices.  One would normally prefer to allow market forces to set
the rewards for those who won't upgrade.

>The one sure thing on the net is that the newbie influx is sufficient to
>keep the majority of mailing list traffic repeating itself.

Last year's answers to last year's problems are not necessarily the best
answers to this year's problems given the current high rate of change.

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