NSP ... New Information

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Jun 9 04:47:00 UTC 1997

> I think a better question to ask is whether Sprint and others who are
> filtering out routes, forcing the issue of getting /19 blocks or not
> getting portable space at all, are being Anti-competitive in the sense of
> the Sherman Anti-trust act.

Indeed, a good question.  Should you care to read the archives <gasp!>,
you'll find that the answer is no.  Folk are trying to keep core routers
from falling over.

And, to answer one of the next questions expected by students of history,
no, they are not obliged to buy more or other (unreliable) hardware for
their backbones so that you (or whomever) can be in business.

The one sure thing on the net is that the newbie influx is sufficient to
keep the majority of mailing list traffic repeating itself.


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