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Edward Fang edfang at visi.net
Mon Jun 9 04:34:03 UTC 1997

This is all great and dandy, but then why does it appear that anybody with
a cable modem this side of the sun are using static IP's.  Granted that
the Nic probably didn't allocate the current /8 (or the next one), but I
don't see any (and didn't see any prior) 'investigation' to make dynamic
allocation possible (or using RFC1918 addresses).  Are they looking at
DHCP or RFC1918 as a solution for their userbase ? 

While we're here pulling our teeth on returning addresses and not
allowing static IP's for a combined user base of several million internet
users, a group of users with less than 50K (correct me if I'm wrong here)
and no track history of rwhois/swipped addresses gets gets /8's for
allocation to a static IP userbase....... 


On Sun, 8 Jun 1997, Jeremy Porter wrote:

:Use DHCP, get your customers to use DHCP.  Current Best Current Pratices
:for IP allocations (http://ftp.fc.net/rfc/rfc2050.txt) states:
:   5.  Due to the requirement to increase the utilization efficiency
:       of IPv4 address space, all assignments are made with the
:       assumption that sites make use of variable length subnet mask
:       (VLSM) and classless technologies within their network.  Any
:       request for address space based on the use of classfull
:       assumptions will require a detailed justification.  The use of
:       classfull technologies for the purposes of administrative
:       convenience is generally insupportable due to the limited
:       availability of free IPv4 address space.
:  7.
:       While it is understood that the use of static addressing may
:       ease some aspects of administration, the current rate of
:       consumption of the remaining unassigned IPv4 address space does
:       not permit the assignment of addresses for administrative ease.
:       Organizations considering the use of static IP address assignment
:       are expected to investigate and implement dynamic assignment
:       technologies whenever possible.
:This means that you should use renumbering technology as much as
:possible, so that when you can justify a /19 you can get one,
:until then, find an ISP that is multi-homes and can provide you
:the IP addresses you need, and consider two connections to them,
:giving you the benefit of being multi-homed without the cost of
:the routers needed for full BGP, or needing to justify a /19.

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