NSP ... New Information

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Jun 9 04:21:32 UTC 1997

I appreciate your interest and consideration.  Your pride in using the legal
system to "enforce" your will leads me to caution. I suggest that your best
bet is to review the archives of the various mailing lists regarding the
discussions regarding address space delegations and the rational for 
the criteria now in place.  I will note that in general, the only consistant
thing that remains consistant is change. Attempting to set legal precedence
for a system that moves with as much rapidity as the Internet may be doomed.

A much better tact is to consider the various players in the field as partners
and friends, not combatents and enemies.  I see a clear precident for sharing
and cooperation in helping entities grow to their fullest potential, while 
not squandering precious resource.  If you really need it, it is available.
Change the model and this may not be true anymore....


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