Top 100 Nameservers (Serving the most Domains)

Rusty H. Hodge rusty at
Mon Jun 9 00:41:03 UTC 1997

At 10:13 AM -0700 6/8/97, Havard.Eidnes at wrote:

> It's not entirely clear what your data source is; I
> guess it's the zone files for the domains currently under InterNIC's
> administration, yes?

Sorry, I left out an important "What this report is" section.

It is the top 100 nameservers serving .com, .net and .org domains.

> and I know for a fact that some name servers in other
> areas would be included in your list if you had analyzed the data.

I'm not quite sure where to *get* that data, though.

I started analyzing the zone files to track down domains that claimed our
nameservers were authoratative for them, yet I had never heard of. Then I
got a whim to start counting them... I've actually had a lot of good
feedback on additions to the report and I plan to put it on the web with
weekly updates.

I've also played around with other statistics on the domains, like: is a
nameserver really responding for it? Is the domain just a MX entry? How
many www.domain.x are pointing at the same IP addresses?

(I'm also intrigued with the number of domains removed from week to week.)

Rusty Hodge <rusty at>, San Francisco

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