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Tung-Hui Hu hhui at arcfour.com
Sun Jun 8 22:07:02 UTC 1997

: I'd like to see them start allocating recovered space from 192/8 in 
: /22 or maybe /21 sizes.

I asked for this and was treated like a complete idiot. There are a lot 
of small blocks in legacy space that I'd like to see some system for 
transferring between small guys who never used them and small guys who
desperately need PI space for multihoming. Using DNS TTL fields is just 
ridiculous when there are much better technical solutions like, uh, BGP.
A lot of people I know don't need /19s and don't want to waste the space
(people have already mentioned this). Also, there is no incentive for 
returning IPv4 space if you know it'll just sit idle anyway.

The function of the InterNIC can be as an intermediary, verifying, as 
usual, that the requestor needs the space.

-Tung-Hui Hu
hhui at arcfour.com

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