BGP Routing problem

Alan Barrett apb at
Fri Jun 6 07:32:43 UTC 1997

Anthony Walker said that the following was seen while the BGP session
between AS6180 and AS3741 was down: 

> MAE-East Looking Glass Results
> Query: bgp 
> Addr: 
> BGP routing table entry for, version 5006458
> Paths: (1 available, no best path, advertised over IBGP)
>   1673 1239 4005 3741 6180, (received-only)
> from (
>       Origin IGP, external

AFAIK, "received-only" means that DIGEX heard that route from AS1673
but did not install it, presumably because it failed to pass a filter.

The question is, why did that route not get withdrawn properly when the
BGP session between AS6189 and AS3741 was terminated?  This looks very
much like the cisco bug that bit Sprint during the AS7007 incident a month
or so ago.

Hey, Ravi, I thought you fixed that bug?  Perhaps AS4005 is not running
the fixed code.  Perhaps there's another bug.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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