NANOG Meeting

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Jun 5 21:18:31 UTC 1997

> > Will the Root Name Server Confederations be
> > discussed at the upcoming NANOG meeting
> > where Michael Dillon is giving an ISP tutorial ?

> In a word: no
> (Of course there are many good laughs had by all when someone comes up with
> the latest joke)

I'm rather glad that I've been so occupied during the past 2 weeks that I
haven't had time to read most of my email. Anyway, Paul Vixie and others
were quite correct. Root nameservers were never mentioned even during the
Q&A session.

But Mark Kosters did note that J has been deployed to LINX in London and
some other folks were talking about deployment plans for other roots to
South Africa, Japan and Australia in the hallways. 

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