BGP Routing problem

Anthony Walker ant at
Thu Jun 5 14:39:20 UTC 1997


We are a ISP in South Africa and have a problem we are trying to 
figure out rather urgently, without much success so far.

We are currently multi-homed during the day and tripple homed at
night. (our peaks are at night and we get cheap bandwidth from
another ISP who has their peak in the day). Internic has refused to
give us our own block of addresses which would have made thins much
simpler. (despite repeated attempts, and we now have 7 /24's from
various places and badly need more).

Basicaly we (AS6180) have been announcing all our adresses including, and via AS 3741 at night,
and this gets switched of during the day. The problem seems to relate
to the fact that these addresses are part of AS 5713's CIDR and we thought we could get away with announcing them 
like this. It did work fine for over a week, but now today we have a 

MAE-East (see example at end of message) ,  the Sprintnap and who
knows who else still have entries for these via AS3741 but they are
showing as received-only, and no best path. Yet via MAE West they are

We are going to stop announcing these via AS3741 at night, but its 
been 9 hours now since they were not announced and these 
received-only entries are still sitting there blocking these routes 
from it seems about a third of the internet.

Can any one offer any comments on why they are still there, what 
received-only means and how we can get if fixed?

Many thanks
Anthony Walker

MAE-East Looking Glass Results
Query: bgp 
BGP routing table entry for, version 5006458
Paths: (1 available, no best path, advertised over IBGP)
  1673 1239 4005 3741 6180, (received-only) from (
      Origin IGP, external

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