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Thu Jun 5 11:02:20 UTC 1997


Phil Howard wrote:
> In effect Sprint is encouraging the waste of IP space.  I'm putting together
> a proposal now for a web farm type of facility for a group of investors and
> a block of /19 is way more than is needed.  But the plan is going to have at
> least 4 points of multi-homing to diverse backbone providers, so a fully
> announceable block is essential.

Idea: How about getting provider-dependent space from each one, then make
the web servers listen on different addresses each.  Rig the DNS with a low
TTL for the server A records, or perhaps use dynamic updates (haven't tried
it yet though) to remove the IP from the A list if a link goes down.

Example you get space from:

So you have:

www.customer1.com	IN	A
			IN	A
			IN	A
			IN	A

www.customer2.com	IN	A
			IN	A
			IN	A
			IN	A

Now if ISP C goes down, delete and from the list.

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