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Wed Jun 4 20:28:32 UTC 1997

Eric Germann enlightens us with ...

> Isn't the biggest problem with PI space having a big enough network so
> Sprint and everyone else doesn't filter you?  Specifically a /19 or larger
> (~ 8000 addresses)?  Can you justify to them 32 Class C's so you can be
> seen everywhere?  I know of another startup provider who had this problem.
> Its a chicken and egg scenario.  They needed to sell connectivity, but
> couldn't reach portions of the net, specifically Sprint.  Kind of kills
> your marketing when you can't get to the entire 'Net.  How do others deal
> with this scenario in a startup environment, or even an established
> environment where you can't justify 8000 addresses yet?

In effect Sprint is encouraging the waste of IP space.  I'm putting together
a proposal now for a web farm type of facility for a group of investors and
a block of /19 is way more than is needed.  But the plan is going to have at
least 4 points of multi-homing to diverse backbone providers, so a fully
announceable block is essential.

Are Sprint and InterNIC butting heads over this?  If not, does anyone here
think they should be?

I'm assuming the reason Sprint does this is to reduce the total number of
routes they have to carry.  What are the other backbones doing?  How well
is everyone else doing in terms of building up the capacity to carry more
and more routes?  What alternative plans are coming along, before and after
IPv6 (which would certainly unleash the floodgates on routes if we are still
using BGP technology at IPv6 deployment)?

I've got one idea I'm mulling over that could help in the current situation.
Once it is a more mature idea, I might suggest it.  In the mean time I just
want to read other thoughts, comments, ideas, and... uh... no... not flames.

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