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Stephen A Misel stevem at hway.net
Wed Jun 4 18:21:51 UTC 1997


  I've acquired a few /18's from the NIC with simple text block lists of
machines and IP addresses.  Your miles may vary -- from your text it seems
you're an ISP.  We're a webfarm.com and we're multihomed (makes an
excellent argument for portable space).


At 01:36 PM 6/4/97 -0400, Robert A. Pickering Jr. wrote:
>Well, that was interesting.
>Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far.  I've gotten a lot of 
>"sale" types of email, but also a lot of really good information.
>It appears as if I was right in my assumption that I needed to get my own
>IP block of PI space from the InterNIC.  
>So, my follow-up question is this:
>What exact documentation and formats does the InterNIC need to see.
>I've been told network diagrams and IP allocations, but that to me
>means diagrams, and that means I have to ship them some drawing format.
>What do they use?
>Or, can I just great a table of IP addresses and hosts and how my 
>IPs are allocated to customers, etc.
>I want to make sure that I'm somewhat successful in securing some reasonable
>amount of IP space from the NIC, and would like some advice from people
>who have gone through this process.
>Thank You Again.
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