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Robert A. Pickering Jr. pickerin at fuse.net
Wed Jun 4 17:36:06 UTC 1997

Well, that was interesting.

Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far.  I've gotten a lot of 
"sale" types of email, but also a lot of really good information.

It appears as if I was right in my assumption that I needed to get my own
IP block of PI space from the InterNIC.  

So, my follow-up question is this:

What exact documentation and formats does the InterNIC need to see.
I've been told network diagrams and IP allocations, but that to me
means diagrams, and that means I have to ship them some drawing format.
What do they use?

Or, can I just great a table of IP addresses and hosts and how my 
IPs are allocated to customers, etc.

I want to make sure that I'm somewhat successful in securing some reasonable
amount of IP space from the NIC, and would like some advice from people
who have gone through this process.

Thank You Again.


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