the original thirteen NSFNET regionals

Paul Baer pbaer at
Wed Jun 4 01:56:41 UTC 1997

For the curious... Paul Baer continued working for BBN after they swallowed
BARRNet, although he, I mean I, ended up as a telecommuter supporting their
national operations rather than their Western Region. After some time as a
proposal writer and a sales support engineer, I have spent the last 12
months as a product manager in their Internet Advantage (connectivity
services) group. I was living in State College, PA until Dec. of 1995, at
which time my partner and I moved to New Orleans (where she is teaching at
Tulane University).

This fall I will be returning to graduate school at LSU in Baton Rouge,
enrolling in their Environmental Planning and Management program to study
ecological economics, a relatively new field that is attempting to draw some
recognition to the fact that the human economy is a wholly owned subsidiary
of the ecosphere. 

--Paul Baer

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>>> >Does anyone remember the NSF-sponsored regional networks? Can you fix
>>> >this table--this is off the top of my head so I am missing a few networks.
>>Does NSI (NASA Science Internet) qualify as one of those?  Yeah, it was
>>1989 when it started (Hi Milo!), but ... :)
>>>  Name             Region           NOC was or is at          Now
>>>  BARRnet          Bay Area         Stanford? Berkeley?       BBN WR
>>>                                    ^SU then E. Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto
>>The "NOC" (cough) was in Pine Hall at Stanford next to long-timer Ron Roberts
>>office.  After the BBN buyout, NOC duties were officially given to BBN
>>Cambridge, somewhat bypassing the E. Bayshore/Palo Alto NOC office.  The
>>western region NOC was supposed to open up (under the capable hands of Chris
>>Tsuboi, now with @Home), but time factors never gave Chris the chance
>>before his departure from BBN-WR. All calls went to Cambridge and were
>>referred to Chris as needed.   The NOC office is/was still there
>>as a showcase to visitors in the large conference room.
>>And ...
>>> Network         Contact in 1990, where are they now?
>>> BARRNET         Paul Baer
>>> NEARNET         John Rugo
>>Paul Baer was part of the original BARRNet admin staff when William "Bill"
>>Yundt got the ball rolling.  Paul came over to BBN after the buyout
>>on a consultant basis, but I don't know if he has stayed on at this
>>present day.  Bill Yundt also came over to the BBN side, then went onward
>>with Web TV Networks.
>>John Rugo was running NEARNet when he was asked to run BARRNet after
>>the buyout.  After a 2-3 year stint in that position, he went on to
>>be on the senior management team at Cisco in their then new ISP group.
>>The only people left from the original BARRNet at BBN-WR is Vince Fuller
>>and Bill Yundt's admin, Nora Lundin.
>>	rob.

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