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Gordon Cook cook at
Tue Jun 3 06:07:26 UTC 1997

I find this very interesting.  Some people claim that AGIS is quite
large... (I don't think I believe them) and if you don't peer with agis
you really don't reach all the net.

yet here is a case where someone else cuts them off with no complaints....
I have seen similar statements from others.  any consensus on whether
connectivity to them is irrelevant to doing reasonable business on the net
or not now a days?

one wonders how long they will hang on.  (Watching sergio heker's antics
with GES (jvncnet) i used to wonder the same. Sergio however had one major
major customer called princeton university left at the end.)  AGIS has
the spammers.....surely they will meet their well deserved fate before

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On Mon, 2 Jun 1997, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:

> Martin J. Hannigan put this into my mailbox:
> > 
> > Can someone verify that this is the interface facing cyberpromo
> > from AGIS?
> > 
> > I called AGIS' NOC and they refused to tell me, so I want to make
> > sure I'm cutting just them...
> > 
> > ( 
> Well, AGIS appears to be hijacking its own netblocks for CyberPromo, as
> it were. I blocked out the CP netblocks, and still got spam from other
> netblocks through AGIS. I finally went ahead and blocked this:
> # cyberpromo
> ALL:    205.199.212. 205.199.4.
> # Cyberpromo through IDCI
> ALL:
> # AGIS
> ALL:,, \
>,, \
>,, \
>,, \
>,, \
>,, \
>,, \
>, 204.130.243., \
> Two months with these filters, and no complaints yet.
> -dalvenjah
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