connectivity outside the US

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Mon Jun 2 18:16:12 UTC 1997


Curtis Generous wrote:
> And with the push to use multicast across such high latency links, you
> can get better dessimination of some types of data which involve many
> sites within a satellite's foot print (e.g. nntp, ftp mirroring, db
> syncronization).

Or broadcasted web caching - people who subscribe get daily updates
to their favorite sites.
> There also is a new proposed spec for doing FTP using multicasting
> (MFTP - multicast FTP) which has been tested using some INTELSAT birds
> with good results.  MFTP has also the characteristic of reduced
> sensitivity to long latency, but also to the bit error rate (BER) which
> is also a problem when using satellites.

Sounds good for push media, too --- without multicast, these will kill
international links.

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