connectivity outside the US

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Sun Jun 1 16:45:32 UTC 1997

Well . . . most people may not think satellites stand a chance but Bill
Gates and Craig McCaw seem to think they do.  Teledesic is planning
build a long-haul communications network based on low earth orbit birds.
In the past neither of these guys have been too stupid so I wouldn't
rule out satellite communications just yet.

Just my .02 worth,

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> Do satellites really stand a chance against fibre?  Most people think
> not,
> and more specifically that their competitiveness shall continue to
> decline
> as time progresses.  Not exactly the kind of thing one wants to lay
> out
> large capital expenditures on...
> Of course, I'm just a tool of conventional wisdom, as poorly conveyed
> by
> the media, when it comes to these issues.  Sean, if you're still a
> jobless
> bum then you should consider starting your own newsletter.  8^)
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