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Hi all, 

I have been following this thread with some interest.  A few months ago a
friend of mine from Fore Systems told me about the 'ACTS' project. NASA and
Ohio-State and quite a few others were doing research into the Gigabit
Satelite Network. There was a test between Sony in Japan and I 'BELIEVE'
JPL in Pasadena of hight def video transmissions over an OC-3 circuit. I
heard something about a quasi commercial deployment of another ACTS
project. Anybody heard anything about this? If enough birds like ACTS were
sent up, this could be a boon for ISP's maybe. Of course I live in this
ideal world where everybody is reasonable, intelligent, and well yea I know
things are just quite the opposite. 

If MCI/AT&T/NTT/GTE put this into motion then were doomed, but if Hughes
(read someone who doesn't own an ISP yet) put one up, it might be a bit
more promising. Who knows...

comments, rants, flames? 
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>The only ISPs that can really afford to stay in the game
>in a big way "over the long haul" are now the carriers themselves. The
>result??? The marketing and pricing strategies of the ISP and market are
>being commercialized and in the overseas markets looking more like the
>pricing strategies of the typical telephone service offering.The cost for
>overseas cables are not going to be coming down in a big way over the
>couple of years. They will more likely go up. At least for our
>future. The next few years. The pent up demand is to great.

Now where is Judge Green (is he retired ?) when you need him?! Feds are
sleeping as usual....I usually don't like the Feds sticking their noses
into places, but I loath the telcos and their continuing lies and extortion
of consumers and businesses. Ack. I can't tell you how many times GTE
screwes everything up! 

Chris "Don't get me started bitching about telcos/carriers" 

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