Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

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Fri Jan 31 22:42:13 UTC 1997

Paul's view of the problem is more long term in that it seeks to end 
the problem once and for all. I think Chris sees the prophylactic 
solution as serving his immediate self intrust.

If ISPs at a multiple meet points work together it can make the 
later solution far more effective. Point is ... we need to cooperate 
to eliminate those who put short term profit above the health of the 
industry. A healthy Internet makes us better off.

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> > IMHO, as long as money is involved, and as long as someone 
thinks that
> > they have a chance of getting away with something, they will try 
> Entirely agreed.  On the other hand I have what is turning out to 
be a
> unique (here) point of view about this.  I don't want to prevent 
> kind of theft -- I want to discover it, and remove perpetrators 
from any
> IXP where they try it.  I don't want to block it.  I want to 
ensure that
> it is never tried twice.  I appear to be in the minority wrt this 

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