Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

Robert Bowman rob at
Fri Jan 31 01:59:29 UTC 1997

But any reasonable ISP realizes that by using the RADB servers is wonderful,
but does not come close to preventing an:
ip route <innocent ISP>

But I presume this solution does.


> At 03:51 PM 1/30/97 -0800, Steve Feldman wrote:
> >In response to requests from several customers for a filtering solution
> >at MAE EAST and MAE WEST, MFS WorldCom is developing an automated
> >system to enable ISPs to control traffic destined for their own routers
> >and networks.
> >
> >ISPs using this service will be able to specify, by IP address, which
> >MAE-attached routers they wish to accept or block traffic from.
> >
> Or you could just your the RADB Route Servers like a reasonable ISP :)
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