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Steve Kann stevek at SteveK.COM
Wed Jan 29 15:26:48 UTC 1997

As much as I thought the tutorial on Content-driven economics was well
thought out, the reason that I am not entirely convinced is that I can
imagine an internet economy which is as much "consumer" driven as
Pushpendra's version is "content" driven.

Imagine is you will that a new ISP evolved along the principles of these
"free e-mail" services, except that it offered 100% free web access.  It
could start out offering full access to the entire net, and amassing an
amazingly large comsumer audience.

Then, with the "value" inherent in having all these consumers involved,
it could announce to industry, that in order to be able to reach their
audience, content-providers would have to pay for this service.  NSPs
could "aggregate" these transactions, such that a big NSP could
negotiate with the consumer-driven ISP for universal access for all of
NSP's customers.  This would give the big NSP an advantage in the

Consumers connected to this ISP would then be able to get to only those
providers that would pay.  Perhaps for a fee they could get universal
access, but if the ISP had enough of the market, content-providers would
be compelled to pay for access to the audience.

It all follows the "follow the money" principle.  Content providers, who
make money either by advertising or by selling product, need an audience
to make their money.  They're already paying now for half of the cost of
distribution -- why wouldn't they pay for the other half?  


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