peering charges?

Jun Wu (John) jun at
Mon Jan 27 19:50:36 UTC 1997

===== Jeff Young previously wrote: ====
> if internetMCI decides that we should or should not peer with
> another network the decision is made purely on traffic flows.
> if coast to coast traffic moves over our network twice between
> ourselves and the peer, that's not a peer.  if the peer has a
> number of nap connections and a ds3 ld packet network, that's a peer. 

Definitely 100% agree. Now think further, a global network with local
peers all over the place... hmm... how much international bandwidth
that might cost?

> the practice that you refer to as 'unwise' keeps us from losing 
> our shirts in an already-too-competitive marketplace.

Underware as well if you think globally.

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