peering charges?

Michael Dillon michael at
Mon Jan 27 19:31:49 UTC 1997

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, Dirk Harms-Merbitz wrote:

> An simplified example. Lets say I have a direct T1 between A and B. A
> starts to transfer 4 GBytes from B to A and uses 100% of the bandwidth. 
> Then B starts another transfer of 4GBytes from A to B. Both now use 50% of
> the bandwidth and each transfer takes twice as long. 

T1's are bidirectional. Only the ACK's slow down the transfer a tiny bit.

> That pricing model is the problem. You are asked to pay for the potential
> of transporting data, not for transporting data. Circuit switching's
> heritage. Packet networks need a different pricing model.

I think the success of the global Internet shows that packet networks
don't need a different pricing model. The pricing model is part of the
reason for their success.

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