Italian Sportscars

Danny Stroud dannystroud at
Mon Jan 27 18:44:30 UTC 1997

You missed the point. It's a figure of speech (a saying) used in business to 
make a point. I myself drive an expensive sports car. The comment was not 
about sportscars-it was a metaphor. des

From:  Deepak Jain
Sent:  Monday, January 27, 1997 10:52 AM
To:  Danny Stroud
Subject:  Italian Sportscars

> I have seen people buy things that I never really understood the basic 
> motivations---  ultra expensive sports cars, for example.  Have you ever 
> the question, "Why do they charge so much for Italian sports cars?" Answer: 
> Because they can. 

I am guessing you haven't driven an ultra expensive Italian sports car 
(ala Ferrari). If you did, you might feel that they spend an 
inordinate amount of time on even the slightest details of comfort and 
quality of leather, etc. The salespeople are extremely good at what it is 
they do, and generally run a much more expensive (high overhead) outfit. 

I have always found it amazing that large (volume) automobile 
manufacturers don't come close to the same level of design integrity even 
thoguh their research budgets are far higher than those of the exclusive 

A Ferrari and (even) a Dodge Viper are not even in the same league [both 
in terms of price or feel, or quality, let alone performance].

This is just my opinion, and not really on topic with what you were 
bringing it up with earlier. [Hence the private email and new title].



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