peering charges?

Eric D. Madison madison at
Mon Jan 27 15:08:38 UTC 1997

Your right on that last comment about market share.. say your MCI and you
have a smaller provider that wants to peer with you, you had rather have
them buy a pipe than let the peer and ride your network for free.
It's all about market share, plain and simple.


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On Sat, 25 Jan 1997, Vadim Antonov wrote:

> Eric D. Madison wrote:
> >Since some of the larger vendors (Cisco mostly) has introduced accounting
> >features into their software settlements could start any time.
> a) the accounting was there for years, so what
> b) a 100-byte packet travelled from provider A to provider B.  Should A pay
>    to B or vice versa?
>    So far nobody gave any useful answer to that question.
> There are no settlements because traffic has little relevance to relative
> worth of connectivity from one provider to another.   The large ISPs are
> generally interested in market share or peers, not in volume of mutual traffic.
> --vadim

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