peering charges?

Dave O'Shea doshea at
Sun Jan 26 08:21:14 UTC 1997

From: Vadim Antonov <avg at>

> >Since some of the larger vendors (Cisco mostly) has introduced
> >features into their software settlements could start any time.
> a) the accounting was there for years, so what

.. But the huge glut of "I wanna be an ISP too!" guys operating a Cisco
2500 out of their garage was not. A large number of ISP's simply don't know
what they're doing; witness the universal broadcasting of RFC1597

> b) a 100-byte packet travelled from provider A to provider B.  Should A
>    to B or vice versa?

It's the golden rule - "He who has the gold, makes the rules". Not that the
idea isn't without problems.. But seeing peering procedures formalized
would make life easier, even if it cost a few bucks. Being a fairly small
start up, I know that the odds of UUnet cutting me a check every month are
between slim and none.

You can tell this list is populated only by Real Engineers. Ten messages
and counting on Saturday night. :-) 

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