operational problems at mae-west?

Brett D. Watson bwatson at genuity.net
Sat Jan 25 16:18:22 UTC 1997

> At 02:48 PM 1/24/97 -0700, Brett D. Watson wrote:
> >2.  ios version 11.1.8 early deployment (which i'm told by isp-team i 
> >shouldn't run unless i *really* feel the need)
> >
> Don't know why there should be any issues here; 11.1(x)CA
> contains the knobs, is running in several other large production
> networks, and is readily available.

  yes,i have to correct myself.  i just found the knobs in 11.1.7ca1. 
 i shouldnt' have believed them when they told me it wasn't there :)

  i really don't understand why it's not in mainline though (like 


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