Power outage in San Francisco

Matthew Petach mpetach at netflight.com
Thu Jan 23 01:32:04 UTC 1997

> There is a power outage in San Francisco affecting a large area South
> of Market Street, including China Basin.  The outage begain shortly
> after 12:00am PST Wednesday and was caused by flooding of an
> underground PG&E transformer.  Current estimated restoral of power by
> PG&E is around 6:00pm Wednesday. (Prior estimates were for 12:00 noon).
> ... 
> A big lesson to be learned by all.  Rumor has it that we now have
> approval now for the purchase of our own generator.
> Rob

If anyone needs a generator NOW in the Bay Area, we have
a Caterpillar 3306ATAAC 250 Kw generator already here,
in the crate, ready to go.

H x W x L:  69" x 52" x 126"
Weight:     5530 lbs

Dry dimensions, no fuel tank.  0 Hrs use, brand new, in
the crate, ready to go where you need it, NO LEAD TIME!
(normally, there's approximately 10 weeks lead time to
 get a unit like this.)

Contact Doug Herrick @ (408) 327-2274 if you're
interested.  Asking price is $52,000 + tax.  
He can also be reached as velopark at aol.com
if you'd like to discuss this via email.

Matt Petach
speaking for InterNex Information Services

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