Power outage in San Francisco

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Wed Jan 22 23:05:46 UTC 1997

On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Rob Liebschutz wrote:

> slowly as we pull in power feeds from mobile generators.  The China
> Basin complex where we are located has been quite a scene, with cables
> running out the to roof and down the side of the building to
> generators running in the courtyard below.

Any photos on the web?

> There's been alot of
> cooperation amoungst providers with Sprint and TCG sharing spare power
> capacity on the generators and pulling wires to other providers in the
> building.  MFS has also been helping their customers with power
> restoral.  MCI has a big mobile generator in the courtyard as well.
> The power for the emergency lighting in the complex (multiple 6 story
> buildings) lasted only a few hours and we're all running around in the
> halls with flashlights.

Any possibilty to write up a case study to help other people plan for how
to deal with this kind of an emergency?

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