Suggestion for NANOG Meeting

Avi Freedman freedman at
Mon Jan 20 17:11:27 UTC 1997

> Ok, Let me put in my two cents worth on this can of worms I just opened.
> As a carrier, I know that we should not and can not filter/censor/monitor
> any content on our "pipes".  This includes unsolicited emails,
> pornography, whatever, but there comes a point where the amount time to
> respond these issues that I can not perform the job I am paid to do.   I
> have a large network to maintain, I don't have time to worry about issues
> except ones that directly effect how I run my network.  But since I am the
> contact listed for various networks, RA entries, etc, I always get brought
> into the middle of the battle.  So, I am not asking for a meeting to
> form policy, I am asking for a meeting to know how other providers are
> dealing with this problem without just dropping the emails of angry
> recepients into the bit bucket, which is not an solution.
> Eric

Obviously policy is never going to be unanimous - and can't be formed at
all until people start talking...


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