Suggestion for NANOG Meeting

Avi Freedman freedman at
Mon Jan 20 16:08:26 UTC 1997

It might be an intersting topic for conversation - but ignoring complaints
about (esp. *serious*) spammers hosted on your network will not make you 
very popular in the provider community.

So I guess it *is* a topic for conversation...


> One topic that really needs to be addressed is the responsibility of the
> carriers on Email Spamming by customers.  Should the carrier disconnect
> a customer that continues to send unsolicited emails even after a
> individual or group asks to be taken off their distribution lists.
> As a carrier, we at ACSI have issued a statement that we cannot be
> responsible for customer traffic.  I know that legally we cannot filter
> any customer traffic, but I am really getting sick of getting emails
> about customers that continue to send unsolicited emails.  We as a
> community need to come up with a common carrier policy on how to handle
> such customers and how to deal with complaints.  
> If anyone else is sick of this, please let me know so maybe we can have
> this brought up as a topic of discussion in San Fran.
> Eric

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