Suggestion for NANOG Meeting

Eric D. Madison madison at
Mon Jan 20 16:04:17 UTC 1997

One topic that really needs to be addressed is the responsibility of the
carriers on Email Spamming by customers.  Should the carrier disconnect
a customer that continues to send unsolicited emails even after a
individual or group asks to be taken off their distribution lists.

As a carrier, we at ACSI have issued a statement that we cannot be
responsible for customer traffic.  I know that legally we cannot filter
any customer traffic, but I am really getting sick of getting emails
about customers that continue to send unsolicited emails.  We as a
community need to come up with a common carrier policy on how to handle
such customers and how to deal with complaints.  

If anyone else is sick of this, please let me know so maybe we can have
this brought up as a topic of discussion in San Fran.


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