A New Spawning...

Bill Woodcock woody at zocalo.net
Sun Jan 19 20:48:48 UTC 1997

          Robert Mathews <mathews at gold.chem.hawaii.edu> writes:
        > For those of you who have not see this, I include the following
        > Bogus Messages Snarling the 'Net
        > http://techweb.cmp.com/cw/cwi/netnews/011397/news0117-4.html
        "For example, Viacom Inc. is working to ensure acceptable
         access-speed levels for its Web sites' visitors through special
         service arrangements with its ISP, Uunet..."
    Wow!  I wanna hire the UUnet sales guy that dreamed that up!  Wow.
    "Sign here, it'll make all your Internet access problems go away!"

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