Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sun Jan 19 03:39:32 UTC 1997

When the United States invaded a foreign territory, laid siege to its
ruler's house, played blaring loud music at it, then broke in, shackled
him, and took him to Florida, I thought that was interesting.

When they took this foreign ruler and froze his funds and gave him public
defenders, I thought that was interesting.

When they charged him with crimes committed not by him and on his own
foreign territory (but which impacted the United States), I thought that
was interesting.

If the United States is the conscience of the world, then yes, we should
stop the PRC from setting up this network, prevent those Cubans from taking
over companies and not giving us Cubanos, and arrest President Noriega
("Strongman" is the title the US govt. uses, but as I last thought, that's
the guy in the circus that lifts weights...) for drug trafficking in Panama.

If the United States is NOT the conscience of the world, then NO we do not
need to go arrest foreign leaders, we do NOT need to tell Sadam whom and whom
not he can attack, and we do NOT confuse Bay Networks and PRC with more
regulatory tripe.

I vote nay.
But then I didn't buy my son an internet provider business either.


>Ronald Barron Yokubaitis <rony at> wrote:

>>MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm...........Do the same considerations apply to
>>BUYING from the PRC?

>Please.  The original speech was not about trade with PRC which
>is unquestionably good and desireable; but about cooperation
>with an organization whose _proclaimed_ goal is to build a
>politically censored version of Internet, and make uncensored
>networks completely illegal in PRC.


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