Info on MAE-EAST

David Schwartz davids at
Fri Jan 17 16:00:54 UTC 1997

	I could equally well see a colo center where the plan is to run a 
DS3 to the colo center, put a router there, and buy transit from as many 
providers as you wanted by connecting to each provider's switch. For 
example, a room where Sprint, MCI, BBNPlanet, PSI, Netcom, and whoever 
else wanted to come would each have their own Ethernet switch or Gigaswitch.

	ISPs could then colo a router at the center and with no telco loop
cost obtain transit connections from whatever combination of providers
they wished. If the operators of the colo center had their own regional
OC48 sonet ring, the cost to bring a DS3 to the center could be quite low
for both ISPs and the big boys. 


On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Michael Dillon wrote:

> I guess I was visualizing something quite different from current
> exchanges. Rather than have an Ethernet switch I was thinking of using
> Ethernet point-to-point. And the exchange point was more like a big colo
> center in which you could set up as many private interconnects as you
> want at the lowest possible cost (interface ports plus installing a cable
> versus running T1's or DS3's across town). 

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