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Fri Jan 17 15:47:51 UTC 1997

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Alec H. Peterson wrote:

> The reason MAE-east and MAE-west have grown so much is because they
> are located in areas where there is lots of traffic flowing.  The
> popularity of peering points has almost nothing to do with the
> interconnect costs, those are peanuts to most companies.  Why on earth
> would I drag a DS3 n-thousand miles to some city that doesn't have any
> traffic flowing to/from it?  I wouldn't, because it would be a waste
> of money.

You would not, but most providers have DS3 or OC3 to Atlanta anyway, so it
is not a lot to extend a 0 mile DS3 or even OC3. Also Florida is one of
the fastest growing ISP markets in the US and it is MUCH better to go to
Atlanta-NAP to exchange traffic then to go to MAE-East or MAE-Dallas.

> Also, I daresay MFS has substantially more experience in selling
> access to and operating peering points than you do, as they've been
> running the two biggest ones for years, and obviously haven't had any
> problem whatsoever selling access to them.  The newer MAEs might not

Ya, and most of them will work for me, I get so many calls form MFS people
it is not even funny. I don't know what is going on over there, but they
want to jump.

> have all that many connections into them yet, but the pricing of the
> connection to the switch is not the limiting factor.  It's the tens of
> thousands of dollars for the DS3/OC3 to the colo point.

Well I am not saying Erols should drop a DS3 to Atlanta-NAP, you need to
connect to the NSF NAPs first. Atlanta-NAP is not the place for people
like you who just sit off MAE-East and buy transit from other ISPs that do
that same. It is more for people who have a nationwide network and would
like to spend a little money to exchange traffic in Atlanta and not bring
it all to MAE-East.

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