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Alec H. Peterson ahp at
Fri Jan 17 06:06:16 UTC 1997

On Jan 17, 1997, Nathan Stratton wrote:
> I hope not, I have got a lot of people asking about Atlanta-NAP. I
> think MFSs problem is they way they start them. I mean yes it may
> take selling the first few people a gigaswitch port for next to
> nothing, but it will grow after that. MFS has taken the cheap way
> out to start most of the other MAEs. I think they needed to start
> with Gigaswitch, UPS system, generator, and a little better
> pricing. If they did that then I think other would come. The hard
> part (and it is very very hard) is to get the first few people to
> come, after that it is all down hill. Just look at how fast MAE-East
> and MAE-West have grown, and that is with hardly any colo space at
> all.

The reason MAE-east and MAE-west have grown so much is because they
are located in areas where there is lots of traffic flowing.  The
popularity of peering points has almost nothing to do with the
interconnect costs, those are peanuts to most companies.  Why on earth
would I drag a DS3 n-thousand miles to some city that doesn't have any
traffic flowing to/from it?  I wouldn't, because it would be a waste
of money.

Also, I daresay MFS has substantially more experience in selling
access to and operating peering points than you do, as they've been
running the two biggest ones for years, and obviously haven't had any
problem whatsoever selling access to them.  The newer MAEs might not
have all that many connections into them yet, but the pricing of the
connection to the switch is not the limiting factor.  It's the tens of
thousands of dollars for the DS3/OC3 to the colo point.


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