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Nathan Stratton nathan at
Fri Jan 17 05:28:30 UTC 1997

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Jeremy Porter wrote:

> I almost would venture a guess that the whole value in public
> interconnects is largely dead, due to the restrictive peering polices
> in place by the larger networks, and the lack of interest/clue in
> smaller providers.

I hope not, I have got a lot of people asking about Atlanta-NAP. I think
MFSs problem is they way they start them. I mean yes it may take selling
the first few people a gigaswitch port for next to nothing, but it will
grow after that. MFS has taken the cheap way out to start most of the other
MAEs. I think they needed to start with Gigaswitch, UPS system, generator,
and a little better priceing. If they did that then I think other would
come. The hard part (and it is very very hard) is to get the first few
people to come, after that it is all down hill. Just look at how fast
MAE-East and MAE-West have grown, and that is with hardly any colo space
at all.

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