Questions about Internet Packet Losses

Matt Ranney mjr at
Thu Jan 16 09:01:42 UTC 1997

Barry Shein writes...
> 3. In order for an email message to pass over port 52 it must have a
> header which reads:
> 	X-SPAM-CHARTER: This message conforms to the SPAM Charter
> or similar (X-PUCE-CHARTER:). Otherwise, it's just dropped on the
> floor. Remember that this is the new port.
> 4. Abuse of that header is a litigable trademark violation (we get
> this set up with lawyers, but akin to DC comics or the Good
> Housekeeping Seal.)

You can trademark the use of a TCP port?  Are you sure?

If so, what a keen idea this might be.  Either that, or its really
scary.  I'm not sure which.
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